World economy is in slow recovery in 2013. Developed countries continued to release stimulus package, while China, as one of the developing countries, will experience economic changes amid slower economic growth. The transformation of economy will bring both opportunities and challenges to China polyester industry. Polyester plants are improving their industrial chains and attempting new operating modes with financial and capital strategies.
After rapid expansion in 2012, China bottle grade PET resin industry is dragged into losses in 2013. There are still lots of new capacities to be on stream in and after 2013 globally, but most of these expansion plans have been postponed. How will bottle grade PET resin industry deal with such a situation? How will the sharp increase of China bottle grade PET resin export volumes affect the trade pattern of global PET industry? In beverage market, the growth of soft drink output has recovered somewhat in 2013 after a slowdown in 2012. How will beverage demand be after hot weather gone? Will bottle grade PET resin enterprises catch the opportunities during industrial structural transformation?
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