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Application of futures tools in polyester industry
——Hong Weihuang, General Manager of Polyester Department, Xiamen Guomao Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

2023-06-15 15:39:49


His report is mainly divided into three parts:


Firstly, the operation status of the polyester industry. Mr. Hong believed that the polyester industry survives by earning average processing fees. Polyester enterprises mainly respond passively to risks, while the futures market can complement and promote the polyester industry.

Secondly, the combination of production and finance. In this part, Mr. Hong introduced the origin of futures markets and the application of futures in the chemical and polyester industries in detail.


Thirdly, the empowerment of industry transformation and upgrading through futures. Mr. Hong used PET bottle chip as an example to introduce systematic hedging solutions for polyester companies, hedging solutions based on product processing fees, and risk management in futures trading.

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