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PET export market new situation and rPET market outlook
——Sam You, Yisheng Petrochemical

2023-06-15 15:39:02


The report is divided into three part.


First, Mr. You introduces Yisheng Petrochemical and provides an analysis of the world's macroeconomic context.


Second, Mr. You presents a global perspective of the PET supply and demand situation, import and export trends, and discusses trade frictions and the history and impact of EU anti-dumping measures, stating that trade protection ultimately leads to a lose-lose outcome.


Third, Mr. You introduces the purpose of PET recycling, the methods of recycling, downstream applications, and Yisheng's physical and chemical recycling technology and related products. He explains the technical application and development prospects of recycled PET, and points out that the current domestic rPET market application scale is still small but has enormous potential for development.

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