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Polyester raw materials market analysis and outlook
——Zhai Dingding, Xinfengming Group

2023-06-15 15:38:22


The report is divided into three parts:

The first part is the introduction to the polyester industry chain background. In this part, Mr. Zhai introduces the raw materials, products, and supply-demand pattern of the polyester industry chain, including crude oil, PX, PTA, MEG, polyester, bottle chips, etc. He also introduces the development of production capacity of China domestic polyester enterprises, stating that the competition among top polyester bottle chip companies will become more intense in the future.

In the second part, Mr. Zhai reviews the market from January to May 2023. In this part, Mr. Zhai analyzes the development of the polyester industry chain market in recent years from various aspects, including macro-environment, inventory, operating rate, cost, etc.

The third part is the outlook for the polyester raw material market. Based on factors such as the macroeconomic environment of China and the United States, OPEC's production cut, etc., Mr. Zhai analyzes the price trends of crude oil, naphtha, PX and other polyester raw materials and the fundamental situation of polyester, providing an outlook for the future of the polyester raw material market.

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