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Macroeconomic situation and policy prospect in China and abroad
——Wang Yang, ShenYin & WanGuo Futures Research Institute

2023-06-15 15:37:52


Mr. Wang conducted a deep analysis of the economic and policy cycles from both domestic and foreign perspectives. Seeing from the domestic side, he explained the current slow recovery of the Chinese economy and the corresponding measures to be taken, taking into account factors such as the shift in economic momentum, prices of consumer and industrial goods, social inventory, and recent economic policy adjustments. From the foreign perspective, he demonstrated the resilience of the US economy and the accelerating decline of the European economy from multiple angles such as manufacturing and service PMI, consumption, unemployment, and interest rates.

In the second part, Mr. Wang pointed out that the prominent contradiction in the current economic operation is insufficient total demand, and objectively, the slow recovery of the real estate market and surplus manufacturing capacity are also issues that need to be addressed. He believed that the second quarter of this year would be the highest point of the year, and China's economy needs to grasp structural highlights.

In the third part, Mr. Wang combined the depreciation of the yuan, the anticipation of the end of the Fed's interest rate hike cycle, and the domestic financial market situation to suggest that the gold market is in a long-term bull market, and that 2023 will be a small year for commodities, therefore, strategic commodities should be captured.

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