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2023 is a year of gradual recovery, and the market players are full of expectations. So can the demand recovery further enhance the prosperity of PET bottle chip industry? With the increasing concerns of overseas economies and the gradual emergence of trade barriers in some regions, what are the new changes in the global trade pattern? From the point of view of the industry chain itself, what kind of development cycle is PET bottle chip in? Which links may become the new highlights? How will different enterprises choose their developing path?

Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co, Ltd. (CCFGroup) will hold the 11th International PET Industry Forum (2023) in Hangzhou during Jun 14-15, 2023. The spotlight of the conference will be on future development trend of bottle grade PET resin industry. We are looking forward to meeting you in Hangzhou!
It is the first forum totally open after the COVID-19 outbreak, which is expected to gather the world's industry leaders again. We sincerely look forward to your participation!

Meeting matters


Registration: P.M. Jun 14, 2023
Forum: whole day of Jun 15, 2023


Grand New Century Hotel Radio&TV Zhejiang ★★★★★
(No. 399-8, Honghui Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China)

Conference Fee

USD 1,000/person (excluding accommodation)
Early bird fee: USD900/person (before Jun 2, 2023); USD810/person for 3 or more participants

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed room: RMB 500/room/day
King-size room: RMB 500/room/day


Contact: celia lin
E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com

Cancellation and refund

A full refund will be available if written-form cancellation to us is done before Jun 2, 2023

Preliminary forum agenda

A.M. Jun 15
8:30-8:40 ● Opening speech
8:40-9:40 ● Macroeconomic situation in and abroad plus policy prospect ShenYin & WanGuo Futures Research Institute, Director Assistant, WangYang
Wang Yang, Director Assistant of ShenYin & WanGuo Futures Research Institute, Senior Macro analyst, obtains PhD in Finance, CFA and FRM. Mr. Wang is an excellent macro analyst of Shanghai Futures Exchange, best macro strategy analyst of Futures Daily, Lecturer of Shanghai Financial Talents Group of CPC Shanghai Municipal Commission of Financial Working, focusing on macroeconomic, policy, asset allocation and financial derivatives research.
9:40-10:20 ● Polyester raw materials market analysis and outlook Xinfengming Group, Marketing department, Zhai Dingding
Graduated from the University of Toronto in applied statistics major, Mr. Zhai has 4 years of sales and procurement experience in overseas refinery, understands the context of Asian gasoline, diesel and naphtha. In 2021, Mr. Zhai joined Xinfengming and worked in market management department. He mainly focuses on research of up and middle sectors polyester industry.
10:20-10:35 ● Tea break
10:35-11:15 ● PET export market new situation and rPET market outlook Yisheng Petrochemical, PET sales center, Sales Director of International Sales department, Sam You
Sam You, currently the Sales Director of the International Department of PET sales Center of Yisheng Petrochemical, with more than 15 years’ experience in PET industry. He has served as the head of PET sales and materials business department of Far Eastern Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sam Joined Yisheng Petrochemical in 2019.
11:15-11:55 ● Application of futures tools in polyester industry Xiamen Guomao Petrochemical Co., Ltd., General Manager of Polyester Department, Hong Weihuang
Mr. Hong obtained double bachelor’s degree of both Chemical Engineering and Economics major in Xiamen University. Has used to work in large domestic PTA production enterprise, trade enterprise and financial institution, focusing on business and research in the polyester industry for 10 years, with rich spot trading experiences.
P.M. Jun 15
14:00-14:40 ● World crude oil market status and outlook Tianfeng Futures Research Institute, Deputy Director, Xiao Lanlan
Ms. Xiao is currently Deputy Director of Tianfeng Futures Research Institute. She obtained master degree of economics in Fudan University, and had 7 years of experience in commodity futures research. She used to work in Huatai Futures, and has published many professional articles in mainstream futures media such as Futures Daily and Puoke Finance. Ms. Xiao is highly professional in energy chemicals and oil products sectors. Her energy chemical team has won the first place of DCE top ten investment and research teams in 2018.
14:40-15:00 ● Brief over rules of PET bottle chip futures contract Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Assistant Manager, Xie Yunpeng
Xie Yunpeng, Assistant Manager of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, bachelor and master of Finance major in Renmin University of China, is responsible for the research and development of polyester products futures in ZCE
15:00-15:20 ● Tea break
15:20-16:00 ● PET market global overviewG.S.I China Office,Chief Representative, Barton Xu
Mr. Xu has the Bachelor degree in English in Jiangsu University and Master Degree in International Trade in Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE).
From 1992 Mr. Xu started to work in Import & Export business. From 2001 Mr. Xu worked in one important Chinese PET Resin producer and was responsible for the export business. In 2004 Mr. Xu joined G.S.I and responsible for G.S.I China business operation.
16:00-16:40 ● New developing features and challenges of China PET bottle chip industry Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd, Senior Analyst, Charles Guo
Charles Guo, lead analyst in polyester products team, has been engaged in analysis and consulting of PET bottle chip market since 2011. He was previously responsible for PTA futures, BOPET and polyester industrial yarn market. He has a unique industry perspective in the analysis, understanding and judgment of the industry chain, and has established an influential industry circle. He has organized and participated in domestic and foreign industry conferences and customized training for enterprises. The leading industry brand conference " The International PET Industry Forum " has been successfully held for 10 years. In addition, he has completed a number of research reports, including market-specific surveys, project feasibility studies, industry operations research reports, etc. The consulting projects he participated include “Global PET Bottle Chip Supply and Demand Pattern and Investment Prospects Research Report”, “PET Industry Chain Weekly Forecast Report” and etc.
*Note: Rights reserved for agenda revision, final agenda will be published before the meeting.

Join In

The 11th International PET Industry Forum (2023)
*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:RMB 500/room/day
King-size room:RMB 500/room/day
※Please fax the confirmation letter to viscose industry forum committee before June 2, 2023 (Please confirm by telephone to avoid being missed). At least two business cards of every delegate should be prepared for registration.


11th China Hangzhou International PET Industry Forum (2023) hosted by www.ccfgroup.com, www.ccf.com.cn will be held at Grand New Century Hotel Radio&TV Zhejiang during June. 14-15, 2023. The conference will be supported by the commercial sponsors, providing a platform for the enterprises to communicate with each other. Please considerate the sponsorship proposal according to your own. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiration date: June 6, 2023





Tea break

One colored page in the conference presentations
Conference fee of two Chinese domestic participants will be waived
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15,800 RMB

Only one company

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One table, two chairs and background of information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.6m)

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Conference presentations (A4 color printed)


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Size: 216*291mm,300dpi

Inside front cover

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Other inside pages

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Page footer (within 25 Chinese characters like company name, telephone number and advertisement)

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Company name, logo, telephone number and advertisement (within 25 Chinese characters), string of the representative badge provided by the sponsor

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Advertorial for twice during conference promotion (not headline)

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Sponsorship Confirmation
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