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China PET bottle chip supply/demand change and future trend
!!Charles Guo, Senior Analyst from CCFGroup

2019-10-25 17:05:43
Charles Guo, Senior Analyst from CCFGroup, presented his report of China PET bottle chip supply/demand change and future trend 

The report is divided into three parts. 

Firstly, the rise of China PET bottle chip industry. Currently, China PET bottle chip trading share has risen to 40%, to be the global major supplier. For the China market developing status, the PET bottle chip industry concentration ratio lifts substantially, and the top 5 producers possess 74% of China total capacity. PET bottle chip exports hit a new high this year, but the industry faces the capacity expansion cycle, and the supply and demand contradiction will be more obvious gradually. Besides, with the challenges of trade barrier, the market is expected to weaken in the future. 

Secondly, global PET bottle chip trade direction change. The share of China PET bottle chip exports in global export accounts for around 40%. In 2018, Indian export dependency surpassed 50%, and exports possessed 60% of India overall supply. In 2019, export volume gradually shrank. For South Korea, the exports are basically flat in 2018 year on year, but in view of the high viscosity PET chip, the exports have been slightly down compared with 2017. 

Thirdly, market outlook. Global PET bottle chip industry will welcome capacity expansion peak again and the emerging market is the future demand growth point, like household chemicals, toys and stationary. China PET bottle chip capacity will continue expanding rapidly and gradually enters shuffle period.
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