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PET bottle Chip Supply Demand and future trends in EU and USA
!!Chiara Zanchi, General Manager of GSI,

2019-10-25 14:56:35
Chiara Zanchi, General Manager of GSI, presented her report of PET bottle Chip Supply Demand and future trends in EU and USA 

Ms. Chiara Zanchi describes PET market status and the forecast to the futures market. At first, from the perspective of global market, the world PET surplus reaches 7 million tons in 2019, of which China takes up 4 million tons, and the surplus will sustain in 2020. 

As for USA PET market, it still needs to import PET until Corpus Christi starts up in 2022. The major import origins include South Korea, Pakistan, etc. For European PET market, it also has to import PET to meet the requirement itself. The European PET producers will face fierce competition from imported PET. For China, the new capacity will spur the PET export to increase and it will play an important role in global market. 

In terms of circular economy, environmental issues and recycling capability affect the whole PET market. Packaging industry will be forced to use RPET in next years, thus recycling rate and RPET capacity will have to improve. 

At last, Ms. Chiara Zanchi reports that it is not enough to have access to the competitive FOB numbers amid seriously changed market and the real value lies in optimizing the logistic and financial costs for the purchasing activity. 
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