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Latest Development of UOP Sinco SSP Technology
!!Giuliano Ghiglione, UOP

2019-10-25 11:47:34
Giuliano Ghiglione, UOP, presented his report of Latest Development of UOP Sinco SSP Technology 

Mr. Giuliano Ghiglione introduced solid state polymerization technology (SSP) for the production of bottle grade and high performance fibre grade PET. It offers lower OPEX through process improvement, and these improvements can be achieved in current plants, with no hardware modifications to plants. 

Compared with traditional technology, SSP has uniform crystallization, lower sticking probability & dust generation and narrow range pellets size distribution. Besides, UOP Sinco energy saving process can significantly reduce production capital and utility cost. UOP Sinco energy saving SSP process is now ready, with the first plant operating in the summer of 2019. 
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