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China is the world largest PET bottle chip producer and consumer. Till end 2018, the capacity in China reached 10.16 million tons, over 30% of global total. In next 3 years, China PET resin industry will face new round of capacity expansion with capacity up to 12 million mt/year till 2022.

How will the market compete then? Will feedstock supply be sufficient or not? The demand from emerging segments continuously grow. By end 2018, demand from non-bottle sector like PET sheet accounts for 14% of total in China. The nearly 3 million tons export volume also marked historical high, could this momentum sustain?

Meeting Matters


Registration: 13:00-20:00,Oct 24,2019
Forum: whole day of Oct 25, 2019


New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China (New Century Hall, 4F) ★★★★★ (No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)

Conference Fee

USD 1000/person (excluding accommodation)
Early bird fee: USD900/person (before Sep 30, 2019); USD810/person for 3 or more participants

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed room: 580yuan/person/day
King-size room: 650yuan/person/day


Contact: Celia Lin
Tel: 0086-571-8378 6683
Fax: 0086-571-8378 6600
E-mail: celia.lin@ccfgroup.com  market@ccfgroup.com

Cancellation and refund

A full refund will be available if written-form cancellation to us is done before Sep 30, 2019

Preliminary forum agenda

● Global economy and bulk commodities trend analysis

● Polyester feedstock supply/demand pattern analysis and discussion on future trend

● How polyester plants utilize PTA futures to avoid risks

● PET functional additives and catalyst market status

● China PET bottle chip supply/demand change and future trend

● PET bottle chip supply/demand and future developing trend in Europe and America

● China PET sheet supply/demand pattern and developing trend

● New developing trend of China PETG market

● PET application and future developing trend in emerging fields

(Rights reserved for agenda revision, final agenda will be published before the meeting.)

Join In

The 7th International PET Industry Forum (2019)
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*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:500 yuan/person/day
King-size Room:500 yuan /person/day


The 7th International PET Industry Forum (2019) hosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (www.ccfgroup.com and www.ccf.com.cn) will be held in Hangzhou New Century Grand Hotel during Oct 24-25, 2019.
Supported by the commercial sponsors, the forum will provide a platform for the enterprises to promote. To secure your place at the conference, simply choose the sponsorship option that best suits you, and contact us. (The number-limited items will be determined by the order of contract signed.)
Expiry date: Sep 30, 2019
Items Form Fee Remark
Co-sponsor ★ Company name and logo associated with all conference promotional material as a co-sponsor
★ One colored page in the conference proceedings
★ Information desk A
★ Conference fee of 1 foreign participant from the sponsor will be waived
* Limited
Tea break sponsor ★ Tea break sponsorship
★ Sponsors video display
★ Conference fee of 1 foreign participant from the sponsor will be waived
★ One colored page in the conference proceedings
$2500 Exclusive
Sponsors video display ★ 5-minute video display before the conference $1200/company Only 3 companies
Information desk A
see photo
★ Background printing for the information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.4m)
★ One table and two chairs (size: 3m width × 2m depth)
$1800/company Limited
Information desk B
see photo
★ One table and two chairs
★ One KT board (width: 1.2m, height:1m)
$1200/company Limited
Large-scale printing
see photo
★ Background printing C of Jinguang Dadao (size: 3m width * 2.4m height) $1200/piece Limited
★ Background printing of registration desk (size: 5m width * 3m height) $2200/piece Exclusive
★ Background printing of conference information desk (width: 3.6m; height: 2.5m) $1500/piece Exclusive
Conference presentations (A4, color printed)
★ Front cover $2200/page Self-design: 216×291mm, 300dpi
★ Inside front cover $1350/page
★ Inside back cover $1030/page
★ Back cover $1200/page
★ Other inside pages $900/page
★ Page footer (within 25 Chinese characters like company name, telephone number and advertisement) $1200
Conference badge and lanyard sponsorship ★ Within 25 Chinese characters like company name, logo, telephone number and advertisement
★ The lanyard is provided by the sponsor
$2200 Exclusive
Mineral water/mineral water tag promotion ★ One tag on the bottle of mineral water
Self-design size: 35mm*35mm
$2200 Exclusive
Attendee directory (page footer) ★ Company name, telephone number or advertisement
★ (within 25 Chinese characters)
$750 Exclusive
Back side of meal coupon ★ Name, logo or QR Code will be printed at the back of the coupon (within 25 Chinese characters) $450 Exclusive
Materials or gifts sponsor ★ Supply company branded material in conference bag
★ One brochure or gift provided by the sponsor
$750 Only 3 companies
KT board sponsorship ★ KT board for company promotion (1.2m width x 0.8m height)
★ Inside conference hall or lobby area
$750/pair Limited
WeChat advertising ★ 1 post on WeChat during conference promotion (not headline)
★ One issue of bottom picture for promotion, size: 600*400
★ Wechat ID: 华瑞资讯CCF
$600/company Two companies
Sponsorship Confirmation
Design requirement Own design  Commission design


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