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Future development trend of PET bottle chip downstream application fields
!!Xiao Zhonghuai, Vice President of Zhejiang Zhink Group

2018-10-26 16:03:44

Mr. Xiao presented his report mainly in five parts, and firstly he introduced the time background for rapid development of bottle-grade PET industry. The policy was frequently released, aiming at stimulating domestic demand and upgrading consumption. The 1980s, 90s, 00s generation are becoming the dominant force in the consumer market. China's consumer market is ushered in high-speed growth.

Then he described the development status of the packaging market and bottle-grade PET and also introduced the practical application of bottle-grade PET in the new field, such as fresh cold chain packaging, on-site production of beverage packaging, daily product packaging, medical and stationery, etc. Through a large number of research, demand for bottled PET in daily product packaging in 2017 is roughly around 143,600 tons.

Finally, Mr. Xiao talked about the new kinetic energy to promote the outbreak of bottle film application, mainly including consumption upgrade, and domestic demand pulling under the policy background (China's per capita bottle-level PET usage is only about 3.5kg, while in developed countries it is around 15-20kg). Bottle-grade PET materials have excellent performance (environmental protection, safety, etc.), and its application costs are low. The prohibition of wastes has a positive effect on the bottle-level PET demand side.

Combining a large amount of market information and researches, Mr. Xiao believes that the sheet market has great potential in the future. As of 2017, the estimated demand is around 2.41 million tons. At the same time, it is believed that the application of raw materials in the new application field is only about 560,000tons/year, and the rest is about 1.85 million tons/year. It is expected that the demand for the original bottle grade PET will increase at a rate of 29% in the new application field in the future. By 2025, the demand for the original bottle grade PET will reach 4.3 million tons.
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