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China PETG market new developing trend
!!Chen Ying, Senior Technical Expert and Professorate Senior Engineers of CNPC

2018-10-26 15:34:38

Professor Chen Ying analyzed China PETG market new developing trend. She firstly introduced PETG, which was a new type of modified PET copolymer, made of 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM) monomer, and partially replaced with ethylene glycol (EG).

PETG is not the competitor of PET. The main substitutes are PVC, PMMA and PC, and their major difference is environment friendliness, referring to the products are without heavy metals, no bad smell in hot processing and biodegradable. Compared with other plastics, PETG has chemical resistance, mechanical behavior, printing properties, high shrinkage, optical property, processing properties and environmental protection properties, so it was mainly applied in sections such as sheet, cosmetics bottles, capacitance film and alloy and so on. But it was more expensive than PET.

It is an important independently innovated product by China National Petroleum Corporation or CNPC. CNPC started to develop and test the technology in 2004, realized industrial production in 2017 and achieved mass production for marketing in 2018. Currently, large industrial production line achieved continuous and stable supply, and price was significantly lower than the original.

Finally, she analyzed developing trend of PETG in China. Since PETG products¨ first presence to the market in 1982, demand for PETG has increased drastically as its application range widens, product type enriches and PETG was environmentally friendly with toxic compared with noxious BPA and PC. It was reported that domestic demand was around 10-20kt in 2011, and expanded to 200kt in 2017. However, the global output is merely 300kt, so it had great potential for development.

PETG products can be used in plastic utensil, home appliances, water barrel, medical devices, marking board, baby products, sport water bottle and other fields.
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