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China PTA Market Outlook and Megatrend
!!Yin Shaohua, an Asia aromatics marketing manager in BP (China) Investment Co., Ltd

2018-10-26 10:59:26

The report of China PTA Market Outlook and Megatrend stated that PTA inventory fell to a low level in end 2017 and it was at a low level in 2018. PTA price lifted rapidly in Aug driven by changes in cracker. Mrs.Yin also believed that the increase of DTY machine was one of the main drivers of PTA demand growth. In addition, she pointed out that orders of DTY showed an increase of 8-10% in 2019 and that PTA new capacity would be put into production next year, so she had an optimistic confidence towards demand in 2019. China's PTA capacity expansion rate has slowed down and operating rate has gradually increased in recent years after rapid expansion and low operating rate in 2014-2015. Finally, she argued that environmental protection was increasing, both PTA and polyester bottle chip faced same environmental challenges. In the future, product of environmental protection and low carbon will further develop, thereby reducing environmental pollution.
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