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China packaging industry developing pattern and future trend
¡ª¡ªWu Hongjun, deputy secretary-general of China Packaging Federation

2018-10-26 10:10:27

The report was divided into three parts.

In the first part, he described current development pattern of packaging industry in China. Firstly, the industry presents new features under new normal, including continuously rising status in the industry, gradually optimizing industrial pattern, evidently uplifted technology level, initial results achieved in circular pattern and significantly enhanced contribution. Secondly, he analyzed the shortcomings restricting the development like capability of self-innovation to be enhanced further, coordination mechanism to be improved further and industry informationization to be enhanced further. At last, he pointed out the problems in accelerating transformation and upgrading.¡¡Arduous structural adjustment, new situation and new problems of industry layout, increased pressure from energy conservation and environmental protection, salient pressure of survival and development of small and micro enterprises and accelerated reform and innovation urged by market changes all put forward challenges to the industry. At last, he summarized by Premier Li Keqiang¡¯s sentences ¡°hard-one achievement, great difficulty and determined confidence¡±.

In the second part, Mr. Wu expressed his view on current severe situation. He put forward three main reasons for the current mess. They are ¡°the old has gone, but the new has yet to come¡±, ¡°Desire for liquidity¡± and ¡°the shock of industry concentration¡±. In a word, the inevitable pain for structure adjustment and economic transformation. Although the situation is severe, but the future is worth expecting. The massive talent accumulation and information technology can promote consumption upgrade and industrial development.

In the third part, he interpreted the future developing trend of packaging industry. In following years, 3 points hereinafter won¡¯t change. 1. The general developing trend will keep steady; 2. Development will see twists and won¡¯t be plain sailing; 3. The general tenor of innovation will not change. Based on Guidance and Development Plan, efforts shall concentrate on 5 aspects: 1. Enhancing innovation capability; 2. promoting intelligent manufacturing; 3. speeding up green development; 4. promoting regional coordination; 5. promoting the strength of the enterprise.¡¡

In conclusion, evolvement of one industry is long-drawn, but the critical steps are of great importance. Packaging industry should deepen understanding and firm confidence, clarify thinking and clear aim, and take the initiative to transform and act.
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